[thelist] Need Help - Secured Server - Unsecured Images

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Sep 19 11:39:00 CDT 2002

David Kaufman wrote:

>Ron Dorman <rwd at csi1st.net> wrote:
>>We have a site about to go live, server certificate has been place for
>>over a month during testing and all was working well.  Monday the site
>>quit displaying the image files in the secure URL's.  They have
>>apparently become "unsecure".
>>I am hoping someone on the list has SSL and cert experience and can
>>give me some direction in solving this issue.
>sounds like someone just updated all the links (probably in a misguided
>attempt at preparing to "go live" on the non-test domain name) changing
>them from:
> <img src="/images/file.gif">
>  <img src="http://www.livesite.com/images/file.gif">
>making the URL absolute instead of relative, and pointing them at the
>images using the explicit http:// not https:// protocol.
checked that and they are still relative links.

>got any FrontPage or Dreamweaver monkeys editing your pages?
no, not using any code generators.

Ron D.

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