[thelist] OT: can you check if a stick of DDR memory is PC2700?

Burhan burhankhalid at members.evolt.org
Thu Sep 19 12:08:01 CDT 2002

Hello Craig,

C> Is there a way you can check the speed of DDR memory, in Windows?  I bought a
C> stick of 512mb PC2700 DDR ram, and I want to confirm they supplied the right
C> speed.  Any help is appreciated, thanks.

If you can grab the type number (printed on your chip), then you can
figure out what type of memory it is.

Once you have the type number, go here :

For information on sorting the type numbers. If you plug it in your
motherboard, your CMOS should be able to tell you what it is. Of
course, if your motherboard only works with PC2700 DDR, and you plug
the chip in, and it boots, no image on the screen, and a couple of
beeps, you know the card is not what they claim. :)

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