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Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Thu Sep 19 13:45:09 CDT 2002

You could try something like this:

<% cookieVal = cookie Val & "," & request.form("email") %>

This would create a comma-delineated list of email addresses, which can
be looped through by converting to an array (with the split()

Let me know if you need clarification!


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In ASP how can I create a cookie of that will be able to add email
addresses to over a period of time and then retrieve them to make a list
of each.
The idea is when a user puts an email address in a form the cookie
remembers the address. In this application the user would return to the
form often and be using multiple addresses over time. The cookie could
contain 0 or 50 addresses I won;t know.

Then I want to take the cookie and make a list of addresses so the user
can select one to populate the form rather than typing it out.

I'm familiar with cookies, but I'm a little stuck on this one. Any
suggestions? I can create a cookie but I'm not sure how to add to it
without deleting the old. I can add keys but how would I name an unknown
key? Is there a way to check the length when retrieving the cookie?

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