[thelist] used car sales online: anyone experienced?

John Corry webshot at members.evolt.org
Thu Sep 19 20:40:01 CDT 2002

> > What is the purpose of the site?  What are the `business problems you're
> > trying to address with a 'website' ?
> >


> I was about to ask the same question because I have a rant with many auto
> sites that purport to offer their inventory online but do a bad job of it.

That's precisely what I think should be done...
What got me thinking about it was radio and newpspaper ads for the car
place. One lot in particular advertises their URL on the radio all the time.
You cant' listen to these 2 stations here for 1/2 hour without hearing about
their 'cyber car lot'. So, the site is http://www.southmauimotors.com

Anyway, the company I am talking with, they spend a ton on advertising too.
When I finally looked at the south maui motors site after hearing their ad
all the time, I was kind of let down. Pretty slim collection of info per
car. I wished that someone had done a better job. Then, I wished that *I*
could do it so I could do a better job.

My idea is that they would need a pretty simple inventory database and an
interface to keep it up to date. I would propose weekly inventory updates as
part of the support contract (where I or my contractor go photograph/catalog
new cars that come in).

Buying a used car is a total pain in the ass. Nobody wants to go to the lot
until they know what they want and who has it. My idea is to let potential
customers browse the inventory to see what's there and schedule test drives
when they see something they like.

Pretty straightfoward, really...

Here's one I saw that works pretty good:

Mostly, I just wondered if anyone here has already convinced a pre-owned car
sales business of the value of a website, and how you did it.

John Corry

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