[thelist] used car sales online: anyone experienced?

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> Why not propose a high quality site that has selected inventory of a
> limited amount of cars. Instead of trying to get every car and do a
> bad job of it try and get a constantly updated selection of the best
> cars of value and quality. Of say 100 Cars. I would then try to use
> an out of the box content management system like Moveable Type to
> automate the management and updating of the site. Of course that is
> just how I would do it. By using a content management system like
> Moveable type the customer could change the inventory as they saw
> fit. A Business license of MT is around $150 and the back end coding
> would be minimal. I could build the entire site of say 100 best of
> the best cars in about two weeks.
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I think this would depend on the objective of the site.

Does the dealership wish to market cars over the internet or does it plan to
market the dealership itself and thereby convince potential buyers to "come
on down"?

I'd certainly get in touch with their marketing department first. It seems
that if they are spending a lot of money on traditional advertising just to
send people to a lame site then they are screaming for help from someone who
knows how to work the internet.

There's money for a developer there somewhere!

jveillo at bellsouth.net

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