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Karen J. Bowen lists at miinx.com.au
Fri Sep 20 04:36:01 CDT 2002

Mark Anderson wrote:
> Karen,
> Thanks for that I have been told it must be cross browser compatible so I
> guess at least IE and Netscape. Am I correct in assuming Netscape and Moz
> are similar?
> Mark

Netscape 6+ is built from Mozilla, so you are correct for that one, but
the earlier versions of Netscape (4.x, 3.x etc) are not, and use a
completely  different Document Object Model than current Moz/NS and
IE5+.  (so the previous code won't work in Netscape 4 down)

IE 4.x uses a different DOM again...  (just to make things easy... not!)

Both 4th gen browsers are used less-and-less these days, so the question
for you really is - do you need to be supporting these older browsers,
such as Netscape 4.x and IE4.x?

If so, more code needed.  If not, the code given should work.  (I
haven't tested in IE though.)

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