[thelist] why won't my page work in NS 4.77?

colin bocmaxima at wtez.net
Fri Sep 20 08:06:01 CDT 2002

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Hi List,

I've always had problems (major problems) with this page in Netscape Communicator 4.77, which is one of the browsers I like to keep the site compatible to. I've been redirecting people because it's just so bad. The entire style sheet breaks, the layers do all kinds of crazy things, and there are links which pop up that are actually further down in the page. The table set up is pretty complicated, and there are a lot of <div> tags. Is this page just too much html for NS to handle, or am I doing something blatantly and unforgivably wrong?


Page without NS redirect:

Any help would be appreciated,
Feel free to email
bocmaxima at wtez.net


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