[thelist] why won't my page work in NS 4.77?

Karen J. Bowen lists at miinx.com.au
Fri Sep 20 08:26:09 CDT 2002

colin wrote:
 > Is this page just too much html for NS to
 > handle, or am I doing something blatantly and unforgivably wrong?
 > http://www.tech.uh.edu/default.htm

Hi Colin,

Looking at your code, the first thing I notice is all the nested
tables...  Netscape 4.x *hates* nested tables, more than 2-deep and
you're in big trouble.  (and I can see sections that seem to go 4- or

Also within your fnChange() function, you've not allowed for NS4.x's
DOM...  (although maybe that's been removed cos you're redirecting these
users anyway?)  but doc.getElementById & doc.all won't work in NS4.x

The page looks lovely in Netscape 6.2 & Mozilla though...  maybe you
should change your "best viewed in IE..." to include these?

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