Subject: [thelist] having problems with php redirect form

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Subject: [thelist] having problems with php redirect form
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I have a form at

which is supposed to be a drop down menu for navigation.  Here's an
abbreviated version of what it says:

<form action="/redirect.php">
<select id="goto" name="goto">
<option value="" selected="selected">Jump To Day</option>
<option value="/opera/lover/day01-why/">Day 1: Why</option>
<option value="/opera/lover/day02-install/">Day 2: Install</option>
<option value="/opera/lover/day03-interface/">Day 3: Interface</option>
<input type="submit" value="go" />
>and here is the 'redirect.php'


header("Location: $TARGET");


>but this isn't coming close to working.

I guess you're assuming GET is the default method so '?value=$value' should append to the url on form submission. Does it?
(It helps to know what happens when you submit your form, as 'doesn't work, is pretty broad.)

you could use METHOD="POST"  in your form, and use $_POST['values'] for the value you assign to $TARGET on redirect.php

or, if you might POST and append the selected value to the url you can do it with
<form method="post" action="/redirect.php?value=<?=$value?>">
and you will prolly need to rawurlencode($value) since it has slashes & stuff in it:
<form method="post" action="/redirect.php?value=<?=rawurlencode($value) ?>">

if $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] still doesn't pick it up, try using $_GET['values']  for the value you assign to $TARGET on redirect.php. (echo it to the page to see if you need to rawurldecode() it.)

sorry, I don't have much experience with $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]
but you could do something to help you debug, like:

if (!empty($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']){
    header("Location: $TARGET");


    echo \$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] was empty<BR>\n";

Mary Diamond


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