[thelist] Weekend link: css art

R.Livsey R.Livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Fri Sep 20 10:56:01 CDT 2002

> > Remember ascii art? Here comes css art:
> > http://a.jaundicedeye.com/csspm/
> >
> > Now, anyone know how did they do that? I best that they used _some_
> > sort of software...
> >
> Brilliant!  It's all hash marks, damn that's cool.
> Definitely a generated site, but likely from a custom
> application to generate it... could have been a modified
> ascii art program I suppose.
> Very very cool.
> Chris Blessing

Just had a quick 10 min bash at doing something like it.
Used PHP, source and results are on the folloiwing page. I saved the
result and turned it to a htm page as the actual php itself is quite


Not perfect. Breaks in some parts and you get weird blue/red bits where
other colours should be, but it should be fairly easy to fix.

Note, the code is a bit messy :)

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