[thelist] frames security in NS 6.2

colin bocmaxima at wtez.net
Fri Sep 20 12:20:01 CDT 2002

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Hi List,

I've been working on something using frames and have discovered the following:

On all browsers (except probably NS 4.77 because of all the security holes on that browser) you cannot access the location of Frame A from Frame B if they are not on the same server.
But I've also found that in Netscape 6.1+ you cannot access the location if the location of your window is on a different server, even if the two frames are the same host. However, this causes no problems in other browsers (even in Mozilla 1.0, which I thought was really odd since they're supposed to be basically the same Gecko thing).

Any way to get around this?
I've tried redirecting and accessing history and doing it in a new window.

Any help would be appreciated,

Feel free to email.
bocmaxima at wtez.net

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