[thelist] Re: why won't my page work in NS 4.77?

colin bocmaxima at wtez.net
Fri Sep 20 12:50:01 CDT 2002

Thanks for the reply,

> Looking at your code, the first thing I notice is all the nested
> tables...  Netscape 4.x *hates* nested tables, more than 2-deep and
> you're in big trouble.  (and I can see sections that seem to go 4- or
> 5-deep..)

That's kinda sorta what I thought was wrong. I remember when first designing
it that making the "Text Only" text and not part of the image caused most of
the extra tables. I guess I'll just have to rework the whole bloody thing.

> Also within your fnChange() function, you've not allowed for NS4.x's
> DOM...  (although maybe that's been removed cos you're redirecting these
> users anyway?)  but doc.getElementById & doc.all won't work in NS4.x

There is one script that changes style:color of a span through its id. Since
NS 4.x can't handle this, I just didn't bother with it. I think I wrote this
in the comments, but I might have removed it. That script is the fnChange()
I believe.

> The page looks lovely in Netscape 6.2 & Mozilla though...  maybe you
> should change your "best viewed in IE..." to include these?

Thank you. I'd rather they use IE 5.5 because of other issues throughout the

Thanks for your help, Karen.


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