[thelist] RE: site check please [croma]

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Fri Sep 20 13:22:14 CDT 2002


I know you weren't asking about this, but just wanted to comment on your
note at the bottom of your first page. It says "Note: you can adjust the
text size on this site using View/Text Size in the toolbar on your browser."

I'm NOT nitpicking, but just wanted to mention that on IE5 for win98, you
have to actually go to View > Text Size on the *Menu Bar*, and not the
toolbar. Maybe that's a icon/tool you can add to the toolbar, but I don't
think it's there by default.

I'm sure most folks could figure that out / find it anyways, but I'm not
sure my mom could, and that's who I always try to design for :)

Anyways, very nice looking site. Keep up the good work!

-Roger Harness

> could i possibly avail on someone with a mac to check out
> http://www.midtempo.net/croma/index.html - my mac is currently in pieces
> and i'd like to ensure that i've not done something foolish!
> any criticism gratefully accepted.
> tia.
> kris

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