[thelist] quick launch for Mozilla browser only

Erik Bennett ebennett at ecasd.k12.wi.us
Fri Sep 20 14:01:00 CDT 2002

of course... duh...

actually, I stopped using the Mozilla Quick Launch feature cos there
were some bugs when using with multiple identities.  That was in Moz 1.0
IIRC...  have they been resolved?  Need to check that.

I'm also concerned with processor overheads - using Quick Launch still
means most of the main components are still preloaded, I think..?

I'm on Windows, incidentally.

  No problem. I'm using Mozilla 1.1 on Windows 2000, and a Pentium III (not
too sure on the MHz). RAM is 256Mb. I haven't noticed any processor overhead
on here since I installed Moz 1.1 (at least not from what I can see.) I
wouldn't even begin to know how to do a system level check on whether the
Quick Launch is taking up any resources. :-)
  I don't know if the bugs in the multiple identities have been resolved or
not. I'm the only one who uses this machine. :-)

That's all I got, HTH! :-D

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