[thelist] TIP: cfperfmon.dll generating errors every 10 seconds

Minh Lee Goon evolt at goonies.info
Fri Sep 20 14:38:01 CDT 2002

I figured I owe you this tip.

<tip type="ColdFusion Performance Counters" author="Minh Lee Goon">

After installing CF5 and MS Application Center 2000 (for clustering and
synchronization purposes), I noticed that I was getting Perflib error every
10 seconds. The error messages pointed to cfperfmon.dll, which, I'm
guessing, is CF's performance monitor.

Searching Microsoft's web site revealed this article:
Making the recommended registry changes didn't make a difference. The
website also recommended using the Extensible Performance Counter List that
comes with the Windows 2000 Resource Kit companion CD.

I'm sure we have a copy of that laying around somewhere, but it was easier
to search for the tool on the Microsoft web site than for the CD in this
department. Here's the link:

The tool is simple to install and use. It has taken care of our problems,
and we're not getting Perflib errors every 10 seconds anymore. Hope this tip
will help someone else out there too.


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