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Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
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This is neat:

<TITLE>Dynamic Cursors</TITLE>
<!-- This works for IE ... You'll have to do something else for NS.
       Information on this page from:

<CENTER><B style="color:blue;">Dynamic Cursors<BR>
<SPAN style="font-size:10pt;">position mouse in cell with cursor
<TABLE border=1>
  <TD><B>Cursor Type</B></TD>
  <TD width=15% style="cursor:auto;"><B>auto</B></TD>
    <TD>Browser determines which cursor to display based on the current
  <TD style="cursor:crosshair;"><B>crosshair</B></TD>
    <TD>Simple cross hair.</TD>
  <TD style="cursor:default;"><B>default</B></TD>
   <TD>Platform-dependent default cursor (usually an arrow). </TD>
  <TD style="cursor:hand;"><B>hand</B></TD>
  <TD>Hand. </TD>
  <TD style="cursor:move;"><B>move</B></TD>
   <TD>Crossed arrows indicating something is to be moved. </TD>
  <TD style="cursor:sw-resize;"><B>*-resize</B> </TD>
  <TD>Arrow indicating edge is to be moved (*may be n, ne, nw, s, se, sw, e,
or w-each representing a compass direction).</TD>
  <TD style="cursor:text;"><B>text</B></TD>
  <TD>Editable text (usually an I-bar). </TD>
  <TD style="cursor:wait;"><B>wait</B></TD>
  <TD>Hourglass or watch indicating that the program is busy and the user
should wait. </TD>


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Using CSS, how can I force the cursor to show the standard arrow, even
over a link?

According to the spec, there's no explicit setting for this.

Using "cursor: default" doesn't work as I want in Mozilla, not sure
about IE...

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