[thelist] OT: can you check if a stick of DDR memory is PC2700?

Jon Hart jon at mmmpie.com
Fri Sep 20 17:00:10 CDT 2002

On 2002-09-19 at 16:59:27 [+0000], you wrote:
> Hello Craig,
> C> Is there a way you can check the speed of DDR memory, in Windows?  I
> C> bought a
> C> stick of 512mb PC2700 DDR ram, and I want to confirm they supplied the
> C> right
> C> speed.  Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Get a program called cpu cool ( or something like that ), which provides
information about cpu temperature, fan speed etc.
It does this by reading SM bus connected devices.
RAM happens to have a little ROM on it called an SPD ( serial presence
detect ), that connects the the SM bus, whose purpose is to tell the system
what its timing requirements are.
cpu cool can read this info, and tell you. I found out one of my DIMMS is
only PC100, instead of PC133 like I run it at. Its probably a source of
some of my system instability.


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