[thelist] help with IIS5 and domain redirection

Minh Lee Goon evolt at goonies.info
Fri Sep 20 17:08:01 CDT 2002

The first thing you need to do is point SiteA.com to the IP address of the
Site B box. This is a DNS configuration "thingy" that is out of my scope of
knowledge as a web administrator, but I'm sure you and/or your network
administrator should be able to figure that part out.

Now, in IIS, which I know more about, you will have to create a new web
1. Go to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Services
2. Right-click on your server name and select New > Web Site.
3. Fill in the description of the web site.
4. Fill in the Host Header as www.SiteA.com. Everything else stays default.
5. Browse to the folder where the web root of Site A is stored.
6. Leave the permissions settings as they are.
7. Click Finish to end the wizard.

That should take care of that. Make sure you test it first before taking
that first box offline.

Hope that helps.

Not the film. The family.

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