[thelist] help with IIS5 and domain redirection

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Fri Sep 20 17:32:01 CDT 2002

thanks for the help so far guys. i think i get it (haven't put it into
action yet though). i have a few questions though.

here are the steps i took after reading Scott's email. (note: i
neglicted to add siteA's IP to siteB's box because i do not want to
implement this yet. i skipped directly to the iis part.)

1. open IIS
2. right click siteB
3. click properties
4. under "web site indentification" in the "ip address" field i've got
5. i click the "advanced" button
6. click "add..." to add another identify for this web site
7. add siteA's ip address,
8. add tcp port 80
9. add "host header name" ??? siteA.com ??? what do i put here?

and after reading judah's email...

i get the idea that i need to repeat steps 7-9 twice adding two
different host headers. 1, being siteA.com and the 2, being

is this correct?


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> Minh Lee Goon wrote:
> > 4. Fill in the Host Header as www.SiteA.com. Everything
> else stays default.
> 4a. Add a Host Header for SiteA.com
> A pet peeve of mine, but if you are going to use host
> headers, make sure
> that both sitea.com and www.sitea.com get you to where you are going.
> Judah
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