[thelist] Changing HTTP Headers

Mircea Bogdan evolt at personal.ro
Fri Sep 20 20:54:31 CDT 2002

> Hi
> I guess a proxy should do the job for you (I think). One NZ proxy I am
> aware of is courtesy of "greenharvest.co.nz". So if your browser is IE,
> try this:
>   2. Use a proxy server for your LAN...tick this checkbox
>   3. Address: smtp.greenharvest.co.nz
>       Port: 80
>   4. Also tick "Bypass proxy server for local.."
> Make appropriate adjustments for the browser you use (i.e., to set PROXY
> server) and try reconnecting to that quiz website.
> I wonder if this'll help.
> Shanx
> www.shanx.com
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Well I'd do that Shanx but I have a dial-up connection, unfortunately. To weeks
till I get rid of this type of connection..(I'll try the proxy...if I don't
solve my challenge by that time)

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