[thelist] Changing HTTP Headers

Mircea Bogdan evolt at personal.ro
Fri Sep 20 21:00:01 CDT 2002

> You probably won't want to use IP spoofing.  With an TCP/IP packet you
> have a destination address and a source address.  When you send out a
> packet routers along the way use the destination address to figure out
> where the packet goes.  They never look at the source address.  At the
> other end, the destination machine looks at the source address, creates
> a new packet in response to the request, and then makes the source
> address of the received packet the destination address of its response
> packet and sends it on the way.
> If you spoof the source address to a NZ IP address, you won't receive
> the response packets because it will be going to another IP address.  IP
> spoofing really only works for DOS and man in the middle attacks.
> The best way I can think of to get around this problem is to get an
> account on a *nix box somewhere in NZ and then use an SSH tunnel between
> your host and your new account in NZ.  Then use port forwarding so that
> port 80 on your box goes through the SSH tunnel and then gets forwarded
> to port 80 again on the other end of the tunnel.  This will cause all of
> your traffic to appear from the *nix box in NZ.
> Much simpler work around than hacking TCP/IP headers.
> Judah
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Thanx Judah.. you have a strong point..I'll take your method in consideration.

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