[thelist] Changing HTTP Headers

Shashank Tripathi sub at shanx.com
Sat Sep 21 01:29:01 CDT 2002

Hi Judah,

    | But if I'm putting togther a test for
    | hacker prowess, first thing I'll do is put in a browser
    | detect script and boot anyone using IE.  IE is for
    | victims, not h4X0r. ;-)

It is precisely because of this mindset that an internal hack team my
company incorporated a while back was unable to break into something I
had set up. The password was a simple ".", and the h4X0r wannabes
basically fizzled out despite all their shebang and paraphernalia. Rule
no.1: No assumptions.

Btw, proxy servers can be configured in almost any decent browser I can
think of..



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