[thelist] The Web's future: XHTML 2.0

MarsHall monkey at MARSorange.com
Sat Sep 21 13:29:01 CDT 2002

I doubt that browsers will stop rendering old-skool "tag soup" HTML
pages anytime soon.

XHTML 2.0 is a new standard, added to the elder ones. Certainly
browsers will continue to read DOCTYPEs and render pages according to
their 'TYPE.

So, why all this beating down of future standards? Yes, it will
certainly be many years before ubiquitous browser support of these
concepts, but CSS was in the same boat in 1996!

A couple of sweet points of XHTML 2.0:

- Further objectification [modularization] of the language makes the
development of WYSIWYG editors more viable and the end-user potential
more stable|powerful, and will inevitably open up whole new worlds of
capabilities. Think about PostScript -- there once was a day [earlier
80's] when you would have to mark up your text and write code to draw
shapes by hand; I can't even begin to imagine how long it would take me
to create modern-day printable PostScript files by hand, without Adobe
Illustrator and InDesign generating the code.

- XForms will POST data as XML, offer some new controls, and support
client-side data-typing! No more tedious server-side key/value
parsers... just pipe that data into an XML-aware application.

The Internet [and life] are all about change...
not resisting... not standing still...

Yeah for new standards!
Mars  :)

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