[thelist] onclick="this.submit.button.is.disabled.and.greyed.out" ?

Dunstan Orchard dunstan at 1976design.com
Mon Sep 23 09:48:07 CDT 2002

Hey there,

I have a form where people can upload images.
Some of the images are quite big and take about 30 seconds to upload (mind
you, that's probably cause I'm connecting at a blistering 44k).

I am worried that someone will click 'submit' a second, third or fourth time
during this upload time, thinking that the process isn't working (as my
parents are want to do - "STOP CLICKING MUM, IT'S WORKING!"), thus submitting
multiple copies of the form, or screwing things up generally.

Is there a bit of JS that will say
onclick="this.submit.button.is.disabled.and.greyed.out" ?

Once the images have uploaded the page reloads so I guess the button would
return to normal again.

Thanks very much - dunstan

Dorset, England

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