[thelist] onclick="this.submit.button.is.disabled.and.greyed.out" ?

Chris Blessing webguy at mail.rit.edu
Mon Sep 23 09:55:05 CDT 2002


I'd do it in the form onsubmit handler instead.  This ensures that the form
actually got submitted, as I know I've experienced times where I clicked a
button on a form and nothing (no web request sent) was done.

<FORM NAME="form1" ACTION="test.htm" onSubmit="this.sbmt.disabled = true;">
	<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="texttest">
	<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="sbmt" VALUE="send">

Chris Blessing
webguy at mail.rit.edu

> Is there a bit of JS that will say
> onclick="this.submit.button.is.disabled.and.greyed.out" ?
> Once the images have uploaded the page reloads so I guess the button would
> return to normal again.
> Thanks very much - dunstan

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