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Kevin B. O'Brien ahuka at ahuka.com
Tue Sep 24 13:00:01 CDT 2002

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I am using Martin's Cookie Trail script, and every time it is accessed I
get the following written to the httpd-error.log:

Name "main::in" used only once: possible typo at
         /home/httpd/cgi-bin/cookie_trail.cgi line 74 (#1)

     (W) Typographical errors often show up as unique variable names.
     If you had a good reason for having a unique name, then just mention
     it again somehow to suppress the message.  The use vars pragma is
     provided for just this purpose.

Undefined value assigned to typeglob at cgi-lib.pl line 58 (#2)

     (W) An undefined value was assigned to a typeglob, a la *foo = undef.
     This does nothing.  It's possible that you really mean undef *foo.

I am not sure that these are anything significant. The way the error
messages are written, it may be nothing. The script certainly seems to be
working fine from the view of the output.

If these are not really error problems, is there a way to stop the error
messages from occuring?

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