[thelist] creating a subdomain for a website (win2k)

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Tue Sep 24 16:23:01 CDT 2002

You really don't need to mess with DNS just add a directory on the
server and call it test so that www.yourdomain.com/test/ is the place
to test.  It does not need a DNS change at all if you put a robot.txt
file that disallows all search engines to that directory, it will not
be found, most likely.

You could even make the directory secure with login required by
configuring the web server to use port 443 (https) for that
directory/folder.  Then /test would be at
https:\\www.yourdomain.com/test/ slashes where changed to protect the


At 1:54 PM -0700 9/24/02, Chris W. Parker wrote:
>i would really like to create a subdomain of our live site so that i can
>mess it up as much as i want to without affecting our customers. as some
>of you know, it's very tedious having to work on a live site when making
>important changes.
>right now we've got, www.domain.com and i'd like test.domain.com or
>dev.domain.com or something like that. (maybe even requiring
>authentication for security purposes. now that i'm thinking about it,
>this doesn't even need to be accessible from the outside since bossman
>says i can't work on the site except if i'm in the office. so it really
>only needs to be an internal thing).
>anyways, i've searched http://www.google.com/ and
>http://groups.google.com/ with no luck on this.
>some more information:
>i don't know much about DNS (hence me having this question), but i know
>we have our own DNS server which is used for internal DNS only. and i
>assume this means that our ISP hosts the external DNS info. i.e.
>www.domain.com. we use win2000 so of course we have iis5. and we also
>use active directory. ummm... i can't think of anything else that is
>important. let me know if i should have included something.
>thanks for the help!
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