[thelist] creating a subdomain for a website (win2k)

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Sep 24 16:48:00 CDT 2002

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> If you don't want it public, it's very simple.
> 1 - Setup a New Virutal Web Service in IIS and give it the
> hostheader of
> test.foo.org. (Of course replace test.foo.org with your new
> subdomain and
> domain name.
> 2 - Find your hosts table (Win2K/Nt
> c:\winnt\system32\drives\etc, Win9X
> c:\windows) and add the following:
>         test.foo.org
> (Of course put your public IP in and your new domain name instead.)

a few questions come to mind.

1. how do i know what IP address to put in? to clarify, test.foo.org
would be a different ip address than foo.org. where do i get the
test.foo.org ip address? do i assign my own in IIS? test.foo.org and
foo.org would be on the same box.

1a. if i *do* assign my own ip address, i should choose an open internal
ip address correct? i.e. ?
1b. you said "Of course put your public IP in and your new domain name
instead." did you make a mistake when you said "public IP"? should it
not be my the internal ip address i assigned it? (assuming i, in fact,
do assign the ip address.)

> 3 - Push up all your test content to the new virtual service.

is there some schnappy way of doing this besides copying everything
through Explorer? basically i'd like to make sure a mirror of the site
as it is right now is created. and another thing, can two sites use the
same DSN?


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