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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Wed Sep 25 01:07:01 CDT 2002

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> Hello, all.

Hey there.

> I am brain dead with this one. And, rusty with ASP.

I think you posted this message before?

> Trying to automate the creation of these graphs from db. Yes, I know...I
> should be using GetRows. I will, but for now, please just help me sort out
> my loops. I'll tidy up after.

If you did not see many replies, it is most likely because not many people
have the time to wade through an entire source code.  But, tonight you are
in luck, as I have the time.

> In action: http://www.allergyweb.com/test_pollencount.asp
> My code: http://www.allergyweb.com/test_pollencount.txt
> What it should look like:
> http://www.allergyweb.com/pollencount.asp

I'm not going to give you the whole answer.  There's simply no fun if I hand
it to you, but I will give you a couple pointers:

1.  You are assigning the values of x and y outside of the for loop.  Are
you sure you want to do this?
2.  You probably will find that the answer to the problem does not end up
involving a main For loop in it.  It may contain a couple smaller ones, but
most like the overall loop will not have a For loop.
3.  Your record advancing commands (MoveNext, etc) have been commented out.
When working properly, your code will probably have these uncommented.
4.  You have the For loop "FOR iType=x TO y" all over the place, but you
don't ever use the variable iType within the loop.  Why is this?

Of course, if you end up using GetRows, #2 and #3 will become invalidated.


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