[thelist] cell spacing probs in NN 4.x

Amy Gilliland agilliland at geosolutions.com
Wed Sep 25 12:08:07 CDT 2002

<snip>also the cells that have
text in and have had their background colour changed to white, don't appear
as white, they are still grey.</snip>

i remember reading that if you set the background of the cells you want
white to an empty string. (background ="") you should get the look you want
in netscape 4.x

all works fine in explorer but in netscape 4.x there are gaps between the
cells rather than the background colour of the table

you could try the same for the table or you could wrap it in a div.

hope that helps.


Amy Gilliland
Application Programmer
GeoSolutions Consulting Inc.
agilliland at geosolutions.com

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