[thelist] Back in the Aeron again

Ned Baldessin ned-ml at idsland.com
Wed Sep 25 18:21:01 CDT 2002

Vu "[thelist] Back in the Aeron again", du 30/08/02 à 8:28 -0700 :
>I've been out of touch with the web biz for the past few months --
>So I'm trying to get back in the game and wondering where to start.
>I have a good handle on transitional XHTML and am planning to update my
>Flash skills

Transitional XHTML ? Come on, we are all discussing XHTML 2.0 (sort off :)
Flash has continued it's own way with MX, it has (arguably) become
the best universal user interface / front-end available. And by the
way, Flashcoders is going down the drain quality-wise (newbie
"PLEEEASE HELP ME!" syndrome).

>I'm wondering about things like browsers people are
>using these days,

Users are using IE. Massively. Mostly 5.x and 6. Personnaly I now
refuse to work with NS 4.x as a target.
People around here are jumping around enthusiastically because we now
have Mozilla 1.1. Features you will like : tabbed browsing,
javascript console / debugger, many side-bar thingies, a lot more
control over the html.

>  css usage,

In the last 4-6 months, it has gone from CSS hysteria ("Burn all
tables!" etc), then, when everybody calmed down, we all admitted that
tables are still most often un-avoidable for layout (see Zeldmann's
blog, etc). So from my point of view, 99% of styles go in CSS, and
most layout structure is still made with tables. Boring yes I know.

>  skill sets employers are looking for

I don't know.
I've been working with quite a few '4-day-training-in-HTML' graphic
designers, while doing more and more backend stuff (php etc). I don't
recommend that path (not very creative, even on the 'generative-art'
side of it).

Anyway, welcome back !

	- ned

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