[thelist] Looking for site/mail hosting recommendation

MarsHall evolt at marsorange.com
Thu Sep 26 11:56:01 CDT 2002

> IMAP4 Mail server (not POP3)

I started using Clearlight Communications ( http://www.clearlight.com/
) for hosting over a year ago because they support IMAP4. Their
services are very modular, and can be upgraded outside of a restrictive
"account plan" structure.

> Wants to keep 100MB of mail online including an online address book

That amount of disk space is definitely possible with practically any
IMAP-friendly host [i.e. Clearlight], but the address book integration
is questionable. The only decent on-line address books I know of use an
LDAP server, which is generally custom-configured for individual
business applications on in-house servers.

Has you boss considered using a PDA, like a HandSpring, to keep his
address book with him?

> Needs to send mail to 1,000 users in a group (currently has to split
> this up
> into groups of 100 and send the same message 10 times due to the
> limitations
> with the current service)

Manually sending that many eMails is quite rudimentary! It's a job for
a ListServer. Once again, Clearlight will set you up with Lists on a
MailMan (opensource) ListServer.

You can set up the list to be private and to not except posts from
members, and you have a powerful distribution machine. Plus, a
ListServe gives your list members the ability subscribe and unsubscribe.

> In addition, need ASP and Access database support.

Uhhh. That sounds like a whole separate beast. I have never seen an
IIS-friendly hosting service that also supports IMAP and ListServes...

Good luck!
Mars :)

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