[thelist] PHP and subroutines

jv jveillo at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 27 14:13:01 CDT 2002

Yes, in PHP they're refered to as include (.inc or whatever extension you
wish to give them) files.

Basically, you code your functions to a file and then use the include
function *include()* to include it into your script. Very simple.

Also, check out the *objects* section of your book or find a few tutorials
on the web. If you like the idea of calling sub-routines from your script
you'll love Objects.

jveillo at bellsouth.net

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Subject: [thelist] PHP and subroutines

> Just wondering...do/can folks use subroutine libraries with PHP?? When I
> took a basic (beginning) scripting class, we used PERL, and the teacher
> really, REALLY pushed subroutines stored in .lib files. And they did make
> things a lot easier. I'm just wondering if there's an equivelent with
> PHP...like my database connection stuff. Things that i have to do
> every time I code a script. (and if there IS...will/can they slow down the
> server processing time even further then it already is?)
> Just curious about this. I've googled, and checked the evolt aricles.
> Couldn't even find what I was looking for in my 30 lb PHP/MySQL guide.
> As always, tia. And this isn't a life or death'er, just looking for
> easy way out :)
> -Roger Harness
> ps, I actually tried to send this question in a few weeks ago, and I dont
> *think* it went through. If it did, then please forgive for the re-post.
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