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Bertilo Wennergren bertilow at gmx.net
Fri Sep 27 18:58:01 CDT 2002

Tom Dell'Aringa:

> --- Bertilo Wennergren <bertilow at gmx.net> wrote:

>> > Not necessarily. You always need to test on all browsers.

>> It is impossible to test on all browsers.

> Okay, now this is a regular riot! You must be one of those people who
> tests on IE only.

You're tone is getting very unfriendly. I thought this was a place to
learn and to exchanges opinions and ideas.

No, I do not test on IE only. I test on the browsers I have available,
which are of course just a small fraction of all browsers. I use Mozilla
as my main tool when I develop a page, then I check the pages in
Konqueror and Opera 6 and in Lynx. When everything seems ready and
working, I fire up Windows and test in MSIE5 and MSIE6. Since I hide my
style sheets from older browsers, and since all may pages work perfectly
with style sheets turned off, I don't need to check in MSIE4, Netscape 4
and other older browsers, but I mostly have a quick look in one of those
too just to make sure.

I have no MacIntosh computer so I can't check in MSIE5 for Mac, which is
a real pity since that browser is completely different from MSIE5 on
Windows, and I'd really need to test that too. I have no OS2 computer
either, and no BeOS, and no Atari...

> For myself, I use a service of
> www.netmechanic.com which I pay a yearly fee, which sends me
> something like 16 snapshots in all different browsers and font sizes.
> So, again, you are wrong.

Those snapshots work with Unicode pages? (No. I didn't think so.)

And that will be all for now, since I don't like this discussion going

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