[thelist] HTML List?

Karen J. Bowen lists at miinx.com.au
Fri Sep 27 20:53:02 CDT 2002

Djinn wrote:
 >> please do try and find somewhere online to put it.
 > I'll try to find a place on my domain. Thanks.

Hi Jean,

I was just having a play with your code, and I've put what you gave into
another 3 cell table, which I think is how you're saying the page is set
up...  and I've put it up here:


(the side columns I've coloured orange for differentiation, and I've put
borders on all the tables for clarity)

Is this what you're seeing?  The problem you describe doesn't seem to
happen here...

If not, if you want to send me the code, I'll stick it up here too.

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