[thelist] Windows Update for IE (Poss. OT)

Jennifer jen at avarweth.thechain.com
Sun Sep 29 09:21:01 CDT 2002

No, an update won't lose your settings. You're fine-- backups are always
good, and recommended, but your update won't hurt a thing.


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> Hi evolters,
> I have a few problems going on with IE6 on WinXP Professional. I want to
> reinstall it, but the download site packages it with Outlook Express. I
> alot of mail in OE that I want to keep, will it be lost if I reinstall OE?
> Thanks for your help, and just in case this is a little OT, a tip:
> <tip type="An Alternative to several IFs in PHP" author="Dave Stevens">
> If you are comparing the value of a variable and you want the browser to
> output different things depending on the value it finds, multiple IF
> statements can get messy if you have lots of options.
> The switch statement is your friend :)
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/control-structures.switch.php
> </tip>
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