[thelist] PHP Questions

Steve Webster steve at netbreed.co.uk
Mon Sep 30 07:31:07 CDT 2002

Tony Crockford wrote:

>Q1, is there a better list to ask PHP questions on?
Not really a list, but you could always try the comp.lang.php newsgroup.

>Anyone got any tips, tutorials or code snippets that would allow me to
>automatically delete *.htm files from all sub-directories off a given
You want a recursive function to search through all directories from a
base directory and remove all files that match a cartain pattern. Kinda
like this...

function deleteFiles($filter, $sDirectory) {
    $cDirectory = includeTrailingSlash($sDirectory);

    $handle = opendir($cDirectory);

    while ($file = readdir($handle)) {
        if ($file == '.' || $file == '..') {

        if (is_dir($cDirectory . $file)) {
            deleteFiles($filter, $cDirectory . $file);

        if (eregi($filter, $file)) {
            unlink($cDirectory . $file);


function includeTrailingSlash($path) {
    if (!eregi("/$", $path)) {
        $path .= "/";

    return $path;

You could then call that like this...

deleteFiles("\.html$", getenv('DOCUMENT_ROOT'));

... to remove all filenames ending in .html from the document root!

I hope this helps!



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