[thelist] mySQL and SQL Server 7 on the same box?

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Mon Sep 30 10:26:04 CDT 2002

We've got SQL Server 7 running on the same box as our webserver (IIS)
here at work.

Problem #1:
The stats package we want requires SQL Server 2000 or mySQL server.

Problem #2:
We're too cheap to buy the upgrade from SQL 7 to SQL 2000.

Solution #1:
Use mySQL.

Solution #2:
Find a different stata package. (not an option as the boss is in love
with the one we've found)

So the question becomes this:

Can mySQL and SQL Server 7 safely co-exist on the same machine? Can you
install mySQL without damaging your SQL Server 7 install? (This *IS* a
live server afterall with a ton of info in the SQL7 db. We'd just use
mySQL for the stats and nothing else...)

The documentation for either db server doesn't mention this (AFAIK after
a few searches).

Anyone with first hand experience out there?


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