[thelist] mySQL and SQL Server 7 on the same box?

Aaron Johnson ajlist at mindseye.com
Mon Sep 30 12:03:06 CDT 2002

> We have MySQL and SQL Server 7 running on the same box. The server gets
> heavy use and we do some transfer of data between the two. Since each runs
> as a seperate service they really do not effect each other ... save for
> server load during peak demand. IIRC they do not even communicate on the
> same port (not in a position where I could check at the moment).
 -- MySQL = port 3306
 -- SQL Server = port 1433

I have MySQL & SQL 2000 on my personal workstation running fine.  They
have absolutely no knowledge of each other, so it's no different than
installing any type of server software on a live machine... make
backups, cross fingers....


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