[thelist] Trying to create client/server model

Wade Armstrong wade_lists at runstrong.com
Mon Sep 30 14:27:01 CDT 2002

on 9/28/02 6:45 AM, Joshua Olson at joshua at waetech.com wrote:
> For example, the store manager client has a list of products on the screen.
> Another manager adds a product.  I'd like for the 1st managers list to get
> updated automatically.  With an iframe, I'd have to intermittantly requery
> the server for additions.  I really want to avoid that.  Does IE have some
> sort of proprietary interface for doing this?

IE has something called Remote Scripting:

You might also want to check out Brent Ashley's JSRS and RSLite JavaScript
and cookie-based remote scripting solutions:
I've never used them but I hear good things.


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