[thelist] anyone know a good (cough free cough) tool for making image backgrounds transparent?

Benjamin C. Varadi bvaradi at nlcnet.org
Mon Sep 30 21:23:32 CDT 2002

if this is for a one shot deal, JASC Paint Shop Pro has a free 30-day trial
and is fabulous (at least, it was from versions 3-5 or so, when I gained
access to the Adobe product, & decided to use it for "industry standard"
cred. I'm sure it's still good, though the site suggests an added
"user-friendliness" that makes me suspicious).

As I recall (and again, this is from a while back), it had all the
functionality of Photoshop... but costs like $100.


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> Ok, well I've spent far too long on this and haven't gotten anywhere but
> frustrated.
> Does anyone know a good piece of software for Win32 (preferably free)
> that makes it easy to take out the background of a picture (leaving it
> transparent)?
> I have a very special reason for doing this .... namely I've got a cute
> picture of my kid I want to show off ;-)
> After 2 hours I'm 90% of the way there but I just cannot get this
> cleaned up any better and know that I'm missing something.
> (Unfortunately I only have the LE version of Photoshop that came with my
> digicam, and the wife will definitely NOT allow me to spent a month's
> mortgage on the full version ;-)
> http://tntluoma.com/temp/ethan.html
> Any clues/tips appreciated.
> TjL
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