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Tue Oct 1 03:53:00 CDT 2002

Rob Schumann wrote:
 > So I would think that, unless we want our websites to be viewed from
 > a distance of 3-4 metres from the screen, we should be using default
 > sizes of between 0.7 and 0.8em (70-80%)... but THAT goes against the
 > notion that the browser settings (equivalent to 1em or 100% scaling)
 > reflect how the site visitor wishes to view the sites they go to. But
 > at least ems & %s remain re-scalable...

I must disagree - if users find the default text too big (and, if what
you say is correct, then they invariably will) they will resize them
down, so you further setting text to 70% then makes things virtually

I read the setting of default text at 100% or 1em to mean "100% of the
user's preferred font size" - NOT "100% of the browser maker's default"

 > Actually, I would be the first had I not just changed my browser
 > settings from using 11px text at 72dpi... the 80% scaling becomes
 > illegible at that size... however reverting to 16px at 96dpi
 > (default settings) all is OK at 80% scaling... which is fine.

Precisely my point.  Are you seriously wanting to force your users (that
know how and/or are willing) to reset their default font size every
time?  Really?

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