[thelist] IE doesn't realize .MOV = Quicktime ?!

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Tue Oct 1 05:39:01 CDT 2002

Hi.  We have a little (1MB :-) Quicktime VR of my partner's storefront
that comes up okay if I'm on a machine with Quicktime installed; it's
just a matter of using embed tags, which were provided by the tool I
used to create the image (U-Lead Cool 360, it comes bundled with the
AipTek PenCam).

But she tried it on an XP box that doesn't have it, yet, and when she
hits the page*, she just gets the spaceholder icon.  If she right-
clicks it will grudgingly admit that it needs some plugin, but it
suggests she go to the ActiveX gallery at Microsoft to get it, which
is utterly bogus.

What can I do on the server side (it's Apache) or in html to get
across to IE that "the droid it's looking for" is Apple Quicktime?

* http://silkpurse.org/Storefront.htm

Kevin 'digger' Martin <evolt at brasscannon.net>

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