[thelist] beginner XML ASP question

Jacques Capesius jacques_capesius at cnt.com
Tue Oct 1 08:46:00 CDT 2002

For one thing, your open/close tags don't match?

see, I told you it was something stupid I was doing. Well, taking lon's much
appreciated advice, I reformatted the xml document as follows.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<Title>How to code in XML</Title>
		<keywords>XML Code</keywords>
		<content>Don't bother. It's too difficult.</content>

...and I changed the code around to access it a little, so that it looks
like this.

Dim xml,root,i
set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xml.async = False
xml.load (Server.MapPath("test.xml"))
set root = xml.documentElement
For i = 0 To (root.childNodes.length)
   document.write(root.childNodes.item(i).text & "<br>")

... still, the root.childNodes.length throws an "object required" error.
I'll continue to look into this, but any nudge in the right direction would
be most appreciated. Thanks again, fellaz.

-jacques :)

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