[thelist] Design: Inspiration?

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Tue Oct 1 09:45:01 CDT 2002

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> Where (on-line) do you go to find images that inspire you for
> new designs? I often find that if I have an image, or
> something to start me off, that it's easier to come up with
> my own original work, it's the getting started that's hard.

I tend to have a wander around the free stock imagery sites, such as
http://istockphoto.com/ and http://stock.d2.hu/ - the latter has links
to a number of other sites on it aswell as a huge amount of photos.

I also quite like http://netdiver.net/ - it has links to loads of cool
and inspiring sites. They can sometimes have the <bloody hell, I'll
never be that good!> effect on me though :-)


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