[thelist] CHMOD equiv. on Windows Host

Joel Morris joelm at citycent.com
Tue Oct 1 13:49:00 CDT 2002

As far as I know, security permissions can only be set by the
administrator of a Win server.

My experience with web hosting companies is that they'll set the
permissions to run ASP scripts, but little else. So, if you need to
write to a database or use File System Object to write a file, you'll
have to ask the hosting company to set those permissions for you.

I usually set up one or two sub-directories within the website where I
only stick the database(s) or .txt files I need to write to and have
the permissions changed only on those sub-directories.

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Subject: [thelist] CHMOD equiv. on Windows Host

Is there an equivalent to the CHMOD on unix servers for a windows
I'm getting an error message saying

Can't open Members directory: Permission denied at
D:/GearHost/HostingAccounts/stem/www/cgi-bin/ubb_new_topic.cgi line
But I am on a windows host. Any ideas?Dave Stevens,

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