[thelist] should I use unix timestamps instead of mysql timestamps

Dunstan Orchard dunstan at 1976design.com
Tue Oct 1 14:15:14 CDT 2002

Hello everyone,

This might sound a bit obvious, but I wanted to ask before I did it :op

I'm using mysql timestamps in my msql db to automatically register the time at
which a record was created. The _only_ thing I use those for is to pull them
out and convert them into unix timestamps to perform comparisons with the
current time (also a unix timestamp).

I since discovered that I can have mysql insert unix timestamps instead of
it's own when creating a record - so I'm wondering if that's what I should be
doing, instead of all this conversion malarky.

There's nothing waiting to bite me on the backside if I go ahead and only use
unix ones is there?

Thanks very much for any advice,

- dunstan

Dorset, England

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