[thelist] CHMOD equiv. on Windows Host

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Tue Oct 1 14:22:01 CDT 2002

Joel Morris wrote:
> My experience with web hosting companies is that they'll set the
> permissions to run ASP scripts, but little else. So, if you need to
> write to a database or use File System Object to write a file, you'll
> have to ask the hosting company to set those permissions for you.

My host has disabled FSO for all their clients - told me I'd need to
find another way to do things.

Is that normal practice??


<tip type="client admin" author="miinx">

Have a 'standard directory structure' to use with new clients, is a
great idea.  Here's mine, which I keep in a folder Clients\$template\:


Now, whenever I get a new client (or even just a lead) I copy this
directory structure template into its own folder, and I'm set for
whatever this client throws at me.  Saves time and ensures consistency.


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