[thelist] tough question - ie/vb/asp/iis

David Caplan dcaplan at fusebox.com
Tue Oct 1 17:44:01 CDT 2002

We have a client and they have a web application that they want to train
people how to use. The catch is, they don't want to demo the app over the
web, they need to do it locally. My challenge is creating an application
that will run in windows and simulate the look and feel of the browser and
use html pages to display my content. At this stage, we have created an
application that uses a VB browser as a front end and just calls html and
asp pages using a local webserver (IIS). This is a temporary solution. The
scope of the application is fairly simple, it queries a database, performs
add, update and delete, and displays information dynamically using asp.
Ultimately, this application needs to be distributed to many users who don't
have webservers installed on their machines. This is where it becomes tough.

I have been looking into some potential solitions:

Using an IIS application in VB, but as the name suggests it needs IIS.
Using a DART webserver component with a reference to asp.dll bundled in my
Using VB to dynamically display all my data instead of ASP. I'm not quite
sure how well (or at all) this would work.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Anyone done this before? Please email
offlist if you have ideas.


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