[thelist] way around frames issues?

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Tue Oct 1 21:52:01 CDT 2002

Hello Volters,

We have a fairly successful small (non e-commerce), website for our (brick
and morter) store. It's mainly info about certain species of
birds/seed/feeders/bats etc, with our location/hours and of course some
product plugs.

I'm using a very basic 2 frame frameset page. I was sort of concerned with
folks finding my 'home' page without having my left hand navigation frame
showing up as well. Actually, I think it was someone from this list who gave
me a great JavaScript wich would automatically load my whole frameset with
BOTH frames anytime someone would find my home page. (assuming they have js
turned on, of course. That worked perfectly.

But recently, I've been checking out the logs (powered by Urchin...pretty
cool stuff), and I'm finding out that the majority of my 'Referrals' are
sending users to parts of my website OTHER then my home page, that again
don't have my wonderfully crafted left hand navigational frame showing up.
And while the site *is* usable that way, (links at the bottom of page) its
not nearly as "pretty", or even intuitive.

So...I guess I'm just hoping for some miracle here, that would allow me to
keep my simple-to-update frame navigation. I guess maybe something that
would load that nav automatically when ever *any* page was viewed? Or is
that dumb? Should I just finally buck up and give up on frames?

As always, tia folks.

Much appreciated,

-Roger Harness

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